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'Am I Right?': Buffalo Wild Wings Employee Confronts Manager About Staff Picking Up Wings Off Floor (Video)

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An employee at a Buffalo Wild Wings was allegedly fired for telling customers that the restaurant was picking up chicken wings off the ground and serving them.

In a video (shown below) posted to World Star Hip Hop, the former employee – whose name, according to the video, is Thomas – explained that he’d just been fired for revealing the unsanitary act to customers.

“They picked up wings off the floor and put them in the fryer. Mr. Wayne is firing me for telling on them. Am I right, Mr. Wayne?”

The manager of the restaurant was then shown on camera denying Thomas’ allegations.

“Absolutely not,” Wayne said. “You’re a liar.

“This team member has been terminated,” he added. “We’re calling the police right now.”

Thomas continued to insist that he’d been fired for the wing incident, which Wayne either denied or avoided addressing altogether.

Reaction to the video on World Star Hip Hop was mixed, with some people saying Thomas shouldn’t have told on his employer and should have stayed quiet instead. Other viewers didn’t seem very surprised that something so unsanitary occurred at a restaurant chain like Buffalo Wild Wings.

“What people don't understand is that this happens everywhere,” viewer Jon Doe said. “Only way you get good clean food is if you make it yourself.”

“I don't know about you but after reading half these comments there's no justification for picking wings up off the floor that is unacceptable,” Eb-dogg Harris added.

Do you think Thomas was right to expose the restaurant for serving wings that they picked up off of the floor? Watch the video below.

Sources: World Star Hip Hop, YouTube

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