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Buffalo Police Have Shot 92 Dogs Since 2011 (Video)

The Buffalo Police Department has shot 92 dogs since 2011, an average of 24 dogs per year, which is higher than Los Angeles at 21.

WGRZ researched use of force reports under the Freedom of Information Law and found that 73 of the 92 dogs died (video below).

One Buffalo police officer shot 26 dogs, which is as many canines as the New York Police Department shot in 2011 and 2012.

"The numbers are what the numbers are," Buffalo Police Chief of Detectives Dennis Richards told WGRZ. "Certainly, no officer takes any satisfaction in having to dispatch a dog."

Richards admitted that Buffalo cops are not trained for encounters with dogs.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Colorado and Tennessee have both passed laws requiring mandatory police training when encountering dogs. Even the U.S. Postal Service trains letter carriers on how to deal with canines and equips them with pepper spray.

However, Buffalo police do not use non-lethal methods such as pepper spray or Tasers on dogs.

"It has not come to that point in Buffalo that we've implemented any of those other techniques," added Richards.

TIME notes that many dog owners are suing cities and police departments for killing their dogs under the Fourth Amendment and some have won.

Sources: WGRZ, TIME, Idaho Statesman


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