Watch: Buffalo Cop Caught on Video Beating Man With Baton


A police officer in Buffalo, New York, was recently caught on video hitting a man repeatedly with a baton.

A cameraman from WKBW filmed Officer Corey Krug in action early on Thanksgiving morning (video below).

WKBW turned the video over to Buffalo Police Commissioner Dan Derenda, who suspended Officer Krug without pay while an investigation proceeds.

According to The Buffalo News, Officer Krug slammed the man onto the hood of a car, pushed him to the ground and repeatedly beat him with a baton.

The man may have been involved, or was about to become involved, in an altercation with a second individual in the beginning of the video.

Other cops on the scene repeatedly warned Officer Krug that he was being filmed.

The man was not charged or arrested, but was allowed to go on his way, which is a huge problem, according to some observers.

"They're telling this guy to walk away, so apparently he did nothing," Daire Irwin, of the New York Civil Liberties Union, told WKBW.

"I absolutely categorically believe his civil rights were violated," Irwin added.

Sources: The Buffalo News, WKBW


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