Budweiser’s Heartwarming ‘Friends Are Waiting’ Commercial Will Make You Think Twice Before Driving Drunk (Video)


A new ad by Budweiser shows dogs really are man’s best friend.

The Budweiser commercial features the tight-knit friendship between a man and his labrador. It focuses on how worried loved ones get when someone doesn’t return home from a night of drinking with a group of friends, the Daily Mail notes.

The commercial, titled “Friends Are Waiting,” shows the young man leave the house with a pack of beer, saying to his dog: “I'll see you later buddy.”

The ad continues as the adorable pup whimpers, waiting for his friend by the front door. The screen fades to black and says, “For some, the waiting never ended. But we can change that.”

The next morning, the dog’s tail wags in excitement as he sees his owner come home. 

“I'm sorry, I decided I shouldn't drive home last night, I stayed at Dave’s,” the man says.

The caption at the end of the 60-second Budweiser spot reads: “Next time you go out, be sure to make a plan to get home safely. Your friends are counting on you.”

It has been viewed more than 12 million times since it was posted on YouTube Sept. 19, Global Be(er) Responsible Day.

"Friendship, camaraderie and enjoying great times are at the heart of Budweiser's most popular campaigns, and this video maintains that tradition but with an unexpected twist," Brian Perkins, Vice President of marketing for Budweiser, said according to AdAge. "Budweiser is known for connecting with beer drinkers in memorable ways, and our efforts to promote responsible drinking through this video are no exception."

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Video Source: budweiser/YouTube


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