Buckeye Firearms Foundation’s Ken Hanson Defends Helping Zimmerman Get Gun (VIDEO)


A popular CNN host fired some verbal shots in the direction of one of the leaders of a firearms foundation because of the group’s decision to raise money to buy George Zimmerman a gun.

Piers Morgan questioned the legal chair of the Buckeye Firearms Foundation, Ken Hanson, about the organization’s decision to raise more than $12,000 to help Zimmerman and his family get a gun, ammunition, training and personal protection. Zimmerman has received numerous death threats following his acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin.

Morgan also discussed a hypothetical situation in which Zimmerman kills Martin’s older brother with a gun that the Buckeye Firearms Foundation helped him buy, The Blaze reported.

“What if Trayvon Martin’s older brother is walking in the same area in a few months time, George Zimmerman happens to be passing, finds him suspicious as he did Trayvon … and decides to shoot him as well?” Morgan asked. “Where does that leave you, if you’re the one who supplied the gun?”

“Well, if we’re the ones that supplied the gun, and again remember, we provided money, not a gun,” Hanson replied. “But if someone is on top of Mr. Zimmerman, again repeatedly bashing his head into the concrete, and he acts in self-defense, that’s incredible bad luck he found himself in that situation twice. But we’ll sleep soundly.”

Morgan kept tossing out hypothetical situations in which Zimmerman could shoot someone else, but Hanson kept reminding the host that Zimmerman is an innocent man.

“Two different levels of government review have found no fault with Mr. Zimmerman’s actions," Hanson said. "We can go through all the hypotheticals you’d like to go through, what it comes down to is that he’s gone through a government review.”

Hanson lamented how Americans are paying so much attention to the Zimmerman case while they are ignoring so many others.

"The problem is, when we go out and help The Pink Pistols — a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender group, who's being denied their gun rights — when we go up to a young African-American male in Cleveland who was wearing a hoodie who acted in self-defense," he said. "We go to a Cleveland legislator in the Ohio General Assembly, when we're acting on behalf of those people it's not a problem, it's only in this case, when the villagers have gone out with the torches and pitchforks that it somehow becomes a problem. This is not an issue of race, it's an issue of self-defense law."

A video of the exchange is below:

Sources: The Blaze, PiersMorgan Blog


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