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Buckeye Firearms Association Sends $12K to Zimmerman to Buy Guns

The Buckeye Firearms Foundation recently sent a $12,150.37 check to George Zimmerman to buy some guns.

The pro-gun group said it came under cyber attack after it started raising money to arm Zimmerman.

The Buckeye Firearms Foundation had its website hacked, which is still down, so the group is communicating online via Facebook, noted

The gun group has also trained teachers and administrators in Ohio to carry guns via "an intensive three-day class" since January, in response to the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., in December 2012, reported

The Buckeye Firearms Foundation claimed that its "Armed Teacher Training Program" program is "the same [strategy] as ordinary concealed carry. No one will ever know who is or is not armed. Those who seek to do harm in schools should be met with armed resistance, even before law enforcement shows up. Over time, schools will no longer be considered easy, risk-free targets."

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