Thief Nicks $1.6M Bucket Of Gold Flakes From Truck

A thief took advantage of a 20-second window of distraction by armored truck guards in harried midtown Manhattan to  nick a bucket of gold flakes worth near $1.6 million. 

Taking place in broad daylight on Sept. 29 on West 48 Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, a surveillance video released by police shows a man wandering around the scene, eyeing the armored truck, NBC New York reports.  

At one moment, a guard leaves to pick up another load while the other guard goes to the front seat to find his mobile phone. The 20 second window was long enough for the thief to grab the 86-pound bucket and escape, though he seems to have problems carrying the heavy bucket. 

The average 10-minute walk to his destination takes him an hour. The thief then hops into a van at 49th Street and Third Avenue.

"I think he just saw an opportunity, took the pail and walked off," said NYPD Det. Martin Pastor, the head of the investigation. Police believe the man did not know what was inside the bucket.

The thief has been described by New York Police as being a Hispanic male about 5'6", weighing 150 pounds and between the ages of 50 and 60 years old, CNN reports.

Police believe the thief is living on the lam in the Miami or Orlando area with the gold.

"I think when the lucky charm opened up the bucket, he seen the rainbow and seen the gold," said Pastor.

Sources: CNN, NBC New York / Photo credit: WABC via ABC7 News

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