Bryan Zuniga Flees Police, Gets Caught by Alligator

Motorist Bryan Zuniga was pulled over by police in Tampa Bay, Florida for failing to maintain a single lane at 2:50 a.m. on Thursday.

After stopping his car, Zuniga jumped out of the passenger side door and got away from authorities.

However, he was found in the St Petersburg General Hospital being treated for alligator bites several hours after his escape, reports the Daily Mail.

Zuniga told police that he was attacked by an alligator near a water treatment plant.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the alligator left wounds to Zuniga's face, arm and armpit.

Zuniga was charged with fleeing police, driving with a suspended or revoked license and resisting an officer without violence.

"He just said he was attacked by the alligator. It's still unclear how he got [to the hospital]," said Cristen Rensel, the sheriff's office spokeswoman.

Sources: Daily Mail and Tampa Bay Times


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