Bryan Fischer: Gay Activists Want To 'Desensitize' People To Pedophilia, Just Like They Did With Homosexuality (Video)


Bryan Fischer, director of issues analysis at the American Family Association, appeared on Christian media network theDove last week claiming that gay activists plan to make pedophilia mainstream in America the same way they did with homosexuality.

Fischer says talking about homosexuality and distracting people from the "behavior itself" is how homosexuality became an acceptable sexual orientation. He said gay activists will use the same tactic to normalize pedophilia.

He promoted a bogus story about the American Psychiatric Association reclassifying pedophilia as a sexual orientation, and then said the outcry from conservative Christians led the APA to change the classification.

“I think they would have left it there, if we hadn’t called them out on it,” Fischer said. “Now they’re trying to scramble back because they realize the American people are not ready to accept pedophilia as something that is a normal alternative to heterosexuality.”

“I think they just tried to jump right past polygamy, right past polyamory, and get right to calling pedophilia something that’s innocent. There argument now is going to be that people are born this way,” he continued.

He said that the APA revising pedophilia in the DSM as a sexual orientation would mean pedophiles could argue in court that they are not at fault for committing sexual abuse against a child.

“In some way they’re winning the way because you and I are talking about it,” said “Focus” host Perry Atkinson.

"That's exactly the strategy that homosexual activists pursued with homosexuality," Fischer said. "Talk about homosexuality all the time; don't let people think about the behavior itself because that will turn people off, but just talk about it all the time, get it into ordinary conversation, use that term over and over again because it desensitizes people to it."

"If they hear it often enough then, like you're saying, they begin to think of it like something, well that's just a normal part of conversation and then it's not long before they start thinking well, that's a normal behavior, that's a normal sexual orientation," he continued. "So it's very deliberate on their part to kind of desensitize the American public on this issue.”

Sources: Huffington Post, Right Wing Watch


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