Bryan Craig, Girls Basketball Coach, Resigns after Publishing 'It's Her Fault'

Admitting a “weakness for cleavage” in his self-published book “It’s Her Fault,” a Chicago high school girls basketball coach was placed on leave pending district review.

Working as a counselor at Rich Central High School as well, Bryan Craig resigned from coaching varsity on Friday.

FOX News reports that Craig’s self-published book contains graphic content aimed at teaching women how to gain the "upper hand in a relationship" and advises men “to submit to a woman’s power.”

The author discusses the anatomical differences between women of different ethnicities and enforces negative stereotypes through quotes like “Latin women have more children."

In the book, Craig describes encounters between individuals that possess low self-esteem as “easy kills” and necessary if a man plans to commit to a woman one day.

A section of Amazon.com, where the book is being sold, contains bits of information that shed light into the coach’s life. Moonlighting as a bouncer for strip clubs, the author describes the experience as a relief from his anger and improves him as a husband.

District Superintendent Donna Simpson Leak said that Craig has the right to freedom of speech but district officials will be examining content of the book to ensure that the coach will not be disturbing the educational process.

According to FOX, Craig has yet to comment on the situation.


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