Alabama Father Digs Himself Out Of Grave After Two Men Slit His Throat, Murder His Son (Video)


On Feb. 18, police released dash cam footage from a 2002 night when robbers cut an Alabama man’s throat and fatally shot his 12-year-old son before burying them in a homemade grave (video below).

Forrest “Butch” Bowyer was buried next to his 12-year-old son, Brett, who had been shot and killed on the night of Feb. 18, 2002. Bowyer managed to dig his way out of his own grave that night.

“I got a man that’s been cut to hell and said his son’s been shot three times,” a police officer says in the newly released dash cam footage. “[The son] is buried in a grave down here at Uchee, and he wants to go get him.”

“He was buried and dug himself out. This is a bad one,” the officer added.

When the officer asks Bowyer who did this to him and his son, he tells him several times, “Jim Brooks.”

Brooks later admitted to the crime during an interrogation and told investigators that Michael Carruth helped him commit the crime. According to WVTM, Brooks and Carruth are both on death row.

Russell County district attorney Kenny Davis described the crime scene that night.

“Open field, you walk up and see a little boy in his jeans lying there bloodied and muddied,” Davis said.

Bowyer, covered in blood from the slit in his throat, told police exactly where to find his son’s body.

“It’s crazy to think about how [Bowyer] survived that night,” Russel County sheriff Heath Taylor said. “Not one single time do I pass this area, where this occurred, that I don’t think about that case.”

Sources: WVTMThe BlazeYouTube / Photo credit: WVTM

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