Brutally Raped One-Year-Old Laid To Rest


A suspect has been charged for the savage rape and murder of an Indiana toddler.

One-year-old Shaylyn Ammerman was brutally raped and smothered to death last week. Her body was discovered March 24 next to a tree in an secluded, rural country plot of land, just outside Gosport. The autopsy revealed that the toddler was badly bruised and suffocated, reported Indy Star.

Kyle Parker, 22, was charged with rape, murder, child molestation, abduction and other counts in relation to the baby's death. He was held in an isolated, padded cell and placed on suicide watch March 30.

Authorities spent two days searching for Shaylyn's body before Parker gave them any information.

Prosecutors are undecided on whether to seek capital punishment.

Justin Ammerman, Shaylyn's father, whose brother had invited Parker over to drink and watch movies, has received hostile messages on the Facebook page where he posted pictures of his daughter and information about her memorial service.

He responded March 29 by posting a note to "all the haters out there," asking them to leave him and his family alone.

The child was laid to rest March 30 and her service took place at Christian Life Center in Spencer where hundreds gathered to mourn Shaylyn. One man, who worked with Shaylyn’s maternal grandfather, even traveled 50 miles from Indianapolis to pay his respects. Although he never met the toddler, he knew how distraught her grandfather was.

Justin spent four hours greeting friends and family at the service. When he stepped outside to smoke, a family member or friend would escort him to provide support.

After the funeral, mourners waited outside in the rain for the child's casket to be loaded into a hearse and taken to a private burial.

Sources: USA Today, Indy Star / Photo credit: Michael Anthony Adams/ Indy Star

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