Bruce Springsteen Dedicates '41 Shots' Song to Trayvon Martin (Video)


Bruce Springsteen dedicated his song "41 Shots" to Trayvon Martin yesterday during a concert in Limerick, Ireland.

Before playing the song (video below), Springsteen said: "I want to send this one out as a letter for back home. For justice for Trayvon Martin."

According to, "41 Shots" was originally based on Amadou Diallo, who was shot 41 times by four New York City police officers on February 4, 1999. Diallo was unarmed like Martin.

The original song was released on a live CD when Springsteen reunited with the E-Street band in 2000.

The tune's lyrics are about a black mother warning her young son to "always be polite" and "keep your hands in sight," and concludes with the line "You can get killed just for living in your American skin."

After the song was released 13 years ago, Springsteen got hate mail and police officers made obscene gestures to him during concerts, which he recalled during an interview in 2009 (video below).

In addition to Springsteen, Beyonce held a moment of silence for Martin after the verdict on Saturday. In Haywood, Calif., 73-year-old soul singer Lester Chambers changed some lyrics in the song “People Get Ready” for Martin and was assaulted on stage (also on Saturday).



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