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Bruce Lee Doppelganger Becomes Internet Sensation (Photos, Video)

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A Bruce Lee look-a-like became an Internet sensation after uploading a video of himself performing difficult stunts.

Some have said that Bruce Lee’s martial arts skills and looks have been “reincarnated” in Abulfazl Abbas Shakoory, a man from Afghanistan who calls himself “Bruce Hazara” and holds an uncanny resemblance to the martial artist.

Shakoory can jump in the air, break wood panels and swing nunchuks. The 20-year-old became an Internet sensation when he filmed himself dressing like Lee and performing complex stunts.

The Kabul resident has been learning martial arts for years, but has also devoted himself to imitating Lee by watching his movies and reading about him. Shakoory said he grew up learning all of Lee’s moves and considers Lee to be his childhood hero. Shakoory even started practicing Wushu, a full-contact sport derived from Chinese martial arts, to imitate Lee.

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During his childhood, Shakoory’s family faced many economic hardships, but his father always supported his training. The encouragement paid off, as Shakoory recently competed in a Wushu competition in Kabul and ranked at the top of his category.

Shakoory said he plans on continuing his training in Kung Fu, though he admitted he can’t be exactly like his hero.

Sources: NY Daily News, Afghan Zariza / Photo Credit: Afghan Zariza, Facebook


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