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Bruce Beresford-Redman Fires Nanny Who Believed He Murdered Wife

On the day that Monica Beresford-Redman is finally set to be buried comes news that Bruce fired the live-in nanny who has been with the family since their oldest child was born.

Maria Beatriz Oaxaca was fired because she did not believe that Bruce was innocent, and she was also the one who told the police about the whole life insurance thing before the couple went on vacation.

Even when Bruce was in jail in Mexico, Maria moved into Bruce's parents' house and took care of the kids there. Can you imagine, as a kid, losing not only your mom, but the woman who has been your nanny for your entire life?

Meanwhile, Bruce continues to live at the home he shared with his wife, and I am beginning to wonder if he will ever face a trial for the murder of his wife.


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