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Brown University Students Apologize To Malia Obama After Photos Of Her At Campus Party Circulated Online

Students at Brown University have issued an apology to Malia Obama after photos of her at a party on campus seemingly participating in drinking games went viral.

Obama has been touring colleges recently and Brown University was one of the schools she visited. She reportedly attended a party on campus while visiting the school and students took to social media to tell their friends about it.

A Snapchat photo shared with news site The Daily Caller shows the president’s daughter standing next to a beer pong table, reported The Blaze. It is unclear whether or not she was actually playing the drinking game; although, a tweet from a student, obtained by Buzzfeed, said that she played beer pong and took shots.

The editorial board of Brown’s Daily Herald wrote an apology to Obama after the photo and tweets circulated.

“The college application and selection process is stressful for most students who go through it, but one can only imagine how much the stress multiplies when the whole nation is watching,” the college paper said. “That is what Malia Obama is experiencing right now. News outlets as prominent as the New York Times are covering her touring process, and students at elite colleges across the country cross their fingers and chat over dining hall food about how cool it would be to go to the same school as President Obama’s daughter.”

According to the editorial, students shared the pictures and tweets of Obama simply out of excitement about being at a party with her. The newspaper acknowledged that she “did not choose to grow up in the White House” and apologized to her.

“While the chances of her selecting Brown have probably decreased since the publication of those articles, if she does ever come back to Brown, hopefully next time we will ‘have more chill,’” the editorial wrote.

Obama has toured several schools already, including Barnard, Columbia, Harvard, New York University, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, and others.

Sources: The Blaze, The Brown Daily Herald / Photo credit: The Blaze


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