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Brothers Turn The Table On Armed Gunman After Misfire

Two brothers working to restore a home in downtown Detroit last Wednesday were met with a life-threatening surprise: a crazed gunman.

The brothers were sitting in their parked van when an armed man approached the driver’s side window.

“[He] had a little grin on his face, little smirk on his face,” one of the brothers said. “And he pulled a gun, pointed it right in my face. He pulled the trigger.”

Somehow, the gun misfired not just once, but twice.

“If it wouldn’t have misfired, I wouldn’t be here talking to you today,” the brother said.

After the second misfire, the brother driving the van tried to maneuver away from the man and leave the scene. The gunman latched on to the back of the van and smashed the back window open. That’s when one of the brothers grabbed a baseball bat and fought the man off. The brothers then held the gunman on the ground and repeatedly struck him.

A getaway car pulled up the scene, and the gunman jumped inside. Luckily, he left his wallet at the scene. The brothers reported the man to police, and he has now been taken into custody.

“I feel like we took a gun that’s been involved in robbery, maybe involved in murders, we took a gun and a criminal off the street,” one of the brothers said.

The brother who was held at gunpoint says a near-death experience has now turned into a learning experience.

 “He actually taught me a lot,” he said. “He showed me a lot. Showed me the value of things you really appreciate. I learned a lot from him putting that gun to my face and pulling the trigger.”

Sources: Fox DetroitThe Blaze


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