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Brothers Arguing On C-SPAN Interrupted On Air By Their Mother

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Politically divided pundits Brad and Dallas Woodhouse have made joint TV appearances before, including an infamous CNN interview that got particularly heated. The duo’s latest C-SPAN appearance, however, took an interesting turn when a caller named Joy turned out to be none other than Brad and Dallas’ mother.

The brothers were in the middle of making the point that political arguments are not uncommon amongst families during the holidays when their mother called the show to weigh in on the issue.

“You’re right, I’m from down south,” the siblings’ mother said. “And I’m your mother.”

“I disagree that all families are like ours,” she continued. “I don’t know many families that are fighting at Thanksgiving. I was very glad that this Thanksgiving was the year that you two were supposed to go to your in-laws, and I’m hoping you’ll have some of this out of your system when you come here for Christmas. I was really hoping for a peaceful Christmas.”

After clarifying to viewers that the call was not planned, host Steve Scully asked Joy, who said she is a registered Democrat, what it was like to raise her two fundamentally divided sons.

“Well, it hasn’t been easy,” she said. “They’re both very passionate about what they believe in, and I love that about them; but I hope they just kinda get this out of their system today on your program.”

Needless to say, the Woodhouse family Christmas should be particularly interesting this year.

“Thanks, mom!” the brothers said. “We’ll see you this weekend.”

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