Brother, Sister Say Police Violently Invaded Their Home, Assaulted Them (Video)


Tyson and Cirbie Bishop, who are brother and sister, say that police in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, invaded their home six years ago and assaulted them.

"It was a home invasion," Tyson told CBC (video below). "They invaded my home."

The incident happened in 2008 when Tyson held a Halloween party at his townhouse and a neighbor called the police over the party noise twice.

The second time the police showed up it was 3 a.m. and the party was over. When the three police officers got no answer at the front door, they pushed their way in and started searching rooms.

Bishop said he tried to stop a police officer from hitting Cirbie in the face when another officer used a Taser gun on him.

"I was fearful for her life," Tyson recalled. "I was watching them pick her up and drop her face on the floor. She was crying."

"Absolutely unreal," stated Cirbie. "Under no circumstances would anyone ever believe that two police officers could just enter your home illegally and do that to you."

One of the police officers involved in the incident, Jordan Gilbert, was suspended for entering Tyson's home illegally and assault, but was never charged with a crime and was allowed to keep his job.

Six years later, the Bishops are in the hole with $66,000 in legal fees.

"They came into the house without a warrant. They came into the house with absolutely no right to and we are left to pay for that," added Cirbie.

"[The Halifax police] broke the law knowing they were breaking the law," said Tyson. "There is nobody around or nobody in that end of the system that seems to care."

According to, the Halifax police chief and mayor have defended the police, and the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia dismissed the Bishops' claim. Now, the brother and sister have filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Halifax police.

Sources:, CBC


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