Brother Saves Sister From Kidnapper (Video)


A brave older brother saved his sister from an attempted kidnapper, and their terrifying story quickly went viral (video below). 

Nine-year-old Jasmine Lewis was terrified when a man with red hair allegedly pulled up to her in a car and made obscene comments towards her. Suddenly, the man attempted to pull Jasmine into his car, but that’s when her brother, Jaden, stepped in. 

“I, like, try to make sure she’s safe with everybody,” Jaden said, according to LittleThings. “I won’t let her go by somebody I don’t know.”

Jaden, just 10-years-old, became an instant hero when he began screaming at the man, prompting him to drive off.

“The what-ifs are what scare me,” the children’s mother, Crystle Dixon, said following the terrifying incident, according to KOCO. “What if he had succeeded in grabbing her? Would I ever see her again, or what would happen to her?"

The children’s story quickly went viral, with readers praising Jaden for his brave actions.

"...I hope his parents.[are] very proud of him. Well done Jaden [you] deserved a metal," one reader commented on LittleThings.

Sources: LittleThings, KOCO/YouTube / Photo credit: KOCO/YouTube

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