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Brooklyn Women Are Country's Most Picky Online Daters, Survey Indicates

The Brooklyn hipster has become a universal punchline, and a new poll that shows Brooklyn women to the country’s most finnicky when it comes to choosing dating partners will surely do nothing to change turn that cliché around.

The survey conducted by the online dating site (AYI standing for “Are You Interested?”) found that at least when it comes to responding to internet dating overtures, women in Brooklyn, NY, are the choosiest in the country.

AYI looked at 453,000 online “interactions” involving single women between ages 18 and 99 and found that women who gave their location as Brooklyn were the least likely to reply when approached by a man through an internet dating site.

Detroit, Minneapolis, Cincinnati and Los Angeles were next on the list. Miami, St. Louis or Las Vegas, on the other hand, showed high rates of women replying.

The New York Post investigated further, interviewing a number of Brooklyn women — well, the number, actually, was two — about what they like or don’t like in the Brooklyn online dating scene.

“When they start with ‘Baby’ or ‘Honey’ — never mind!” said one of the supposedly representative women,  Edna Velasco, 27, of hipster-haven Williamsburg. “Or ‘I like Latinas!’ Delete, delete, delete! Some guy said, ‘Hello, do you like sex?’ That’s the first thing he says to me!”

Based on the survey, the site offers advice to lovelorn males seeking companionship through internet dating.

“Try using a conversation starter like ‘Where are you from originally?’” the site suggests. That line “consistently receives the highest response rate from online daters,” the site says, coming in a more than twice the rate of “Hi” or “What’s up?”

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