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NYC Sisters Accused Of Assaulting Woman, Filling Her Gas Tank With Sugar

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A Brooklyn woman and her three sisters fractured another woman’s face and poured sugar into her gas tank over a man, police say.

Donicia English, 37, the oldest of all the sisters, allegedly became upset when she discovered that the victim was dating the same man she was seeing, DNA Info reported. On Aug. 20, English confronted the victim in NYCHA’s Whitman Houses, where both of the women lived.

English reportedly grabbed the victim’s hair and punched her in the face. Dashana, Daquana and Demmi English then helped their sister hit and kick the victim in the torso and face, according to the criminal complaint cited by DNA Info.

The sisters took a necklace from the victim’s neck and then fled the scene.

Although the victim initially refused to receive medical attention, she eventually went to the hospital and was found to have several injuries including fractured bones.

When the victim returned from the hospital around 2 a.m. on Aug. 21, she discovered the English sisters pouring sugar into the gas tank of her 2004 Dodge Stratus. The sisters had also reportedly thrown a brick through the driver’s side window.

The sisters were arrested and charged with felony robbery and gang assault. Other charges are pending. 

In July, a man and women were also arrested for pouring sugar into a car gas tank, St. George News reported at the time. The commonly held belief is that the sugar will disable the car. 

Sources: DNA Info, St. George News

Photo Credit: Top HD Gallery, Mike Mozart/Flickr CC


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