Brooklyn Robbers Scared Off By 10-Year-Old Boy


Two robbers in Brooklyn were forced to flee after a 10-year-old boy got his hands on one of their guns and scared them off.

When the young boy saw the two men — who were posing as FedEx deliverymen — enter his Canarsie home, he escaped into his bedroom.

While one of the men held two teens who were also in the home hostage in the living room, the other man tried to reach into the boy’s bedroom with the gun in his hand. The boy slammed the door of his room on the man’s hand so hard that he dropped the gun.

The youngster then grabbed the gun and fired off a shot. The robbers dashed out of the house and fired a shot of their own in return. No one was wounded.

“They have a store, so maybe the person who robbed them knew there was a lot of cash in there,” said the family's neighbor, Kimberly Lindo, to The New York Post. “Look, they have two brand-new BMWs in the driveway. I don’t know, that’s kind of unusual for this neighborhood.”

Sources: The New York Post, DNAinfo


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