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Brooklyn Police Officer Distracted By Own Cellphone While Directing Traffic (VIDEO)

Police are supposed to set an example for drivers who use their cellphones while behind the wheel, but a new video shows a police officer in Brooklyn, New York, who appears to be texting on her phone while directing traffic at the same time.

“The officer was endangering the lives of everyone that was trusting in her traffic commands,” notes The Free Thought Project. “The situation is a ticking time bomb.”

YouTube user Arthur Isakov uploaded the video on Monday, saying: “We watched this officer for over 5 min, waving traffic through without lifting her eyes off her phone.”

The officer was filmed on Emmons Avenue, one of the main shopping and business thoroughfares in Sheepshead Bay.

“Nice way of directing traffic,” says the person behind the camera recording. “She’s waving her hand and looking at the phone.”

This is not the first time a cop was caught on camera staring at a phone while simultaneously waving cars by.

Last month, Dr. Curtis Schondelmeyer was riding in the passenger seat of a car when he snapped a photo on his camera phone of a Lexington, Massachusetts police officer directing traffic while talking on his own cellphone.

Schondelmeyer intended to send the picture to the cop’s supervisors as part of a complaint. He ended up receiving a citation from the department charging him of impeding the operation with a handheld device, even though he was not driving, MyFoxBoston reported.

Watch the video of the Brooklyn traffic officer below:

Sources: The Free Thought Project, MyFox Boston


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