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Brooklyn Man Shot By Cops, Faces Charges After Assault With Cane

A Brooklyn, New York man faces numerous charges after an officer shot him for allegedly attacking police with his cane. Onlookers and officers paint two very different picture of the incident, which occurred Saturday morning in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

According to police, two transit officers were patrolling the Myrtle Avenue subway stop when they heard loud banging. They discovered Dairon Bledsoe, 27, hitting their police car with his cane. They ordered Bledsoe to stop, but he would not. He then hit one of the officers in the face hard enough to break his cane, police reported. As he prepared to strike again, the officer’s partner fired.

Onlookers, however, say that Bledsoe was clearly emotionally disturbed, and contest that he hit the squad car at all.

“He didn’t hit the cop car,” said Luis Acevedo, 51. “The cops came and started looking at the car. There was nothing wrong with it. We told them. They still went after him.”

“They didn’t give him no warning. They just shot him. The guy fell down right on the floor. We thought he was dead,” Acevedo added.

Another man who gave his name as Jason told reporters, “Several people warned the police that he was emotionally disturbed, but the police proceeded to chase him down. It seems like an overreaction.”

Newsday reported via the Associated Press that the address Bledsoe gave is a Brooklyn homeless shelter.

Newsday and CBS New York reported that the officer shot Bledsoe in the upper torso, while the New York Post wrote that the shot was to the neck. Bledsoe was taken to Kings County Hospital, where he is said to be in stable condition.

The injured police officer suffered bruising, swelling and lacerations to her face, according to police, CBS New York reported.

Bledsoe now faces charges including assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon, menacing, and attempted criminal mischief.

Sources: NY Post, Newsday, CBS New York


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