NYPD Allegedly Arrests Man On False Charges, Neuters His Dog


A Brooklyn man filed a $2 million federal lawsuit claiming the NYPD falsely arrested him and seized and neutered his dog.

Gregory Drummond says police arrived at his Bushwick apartment building last September, after his downstairs neighbors had a domestic dispute.

He claims an officer grabbed a tenant through the gate, "put their hands in his pocket, retrieved keys for the gate and the property, and entered the apartment."

Drummond, who is dating the owner of the building, says police wrongfully accused him of squatting and arrested him.

He says he asked NYPD to call his girlfriend so she could look after his dog. Instead, police allegedly took the canine to the pound and told them it was a stray. Workers then neutered the animal.

In addition to taking his dog, he says NYPD confiscated his TVs, video game consoles, cell phones and money, without documenting the seizure so he could get them back.

He was prosecuted on weapons and drug possession charges but was cleared of all criminal charges in May.

He seeks $2 million for civil rights violations and emotional distress.

Sources: Courthouse News Service, New York Daily News


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