Brooklyn Man Reportedly Fatally Stabs Father

A 19-year-old New York man faces charges for murdering his father, but as a few neighbors have reported, this horrendous act could be the result of years of abuse by the father, reports NY Daily News.

Police arrested Hassan Razzaq on July 18 in Kensington, Brooklyn, after he stabbed his 56-year-old father, Mohammad Razzaq, in the neck. Upon the arrival of police, the father was pronounced dead at the scene, reports PIX11.

According to the Razzaqs’ neighbors, Hassan and his four other siblings have suffered abuse from their father for years, NY Daily News writes.

"The father was very abusive," neighbor Robert Micari said. "He was beating that kid all day. I feel terrible for that boy. He was pushed. He was definitely pushed."

His wife, Michelle Micari, told a similar story to PIX11.

“My heart just breaks for that little boy, that 19-year-old. He was pushed to the limit. This was awful, awful abuse,” she recalled. “He just reached a breaking point. The screams were unbelievable, every day. Should he be charged with murder? No. He needs help. Every child in the house needs help.”

Hassan reportedly began stabbing his father after getting in a heated argument with him in the evening. Hassan then tried to flee the scene.

"First I heard the mother screaming. Then I saw the young fellow come out,” Robert Micari told NY Daily News. "He came running out. I said, 'What's the matter?' He said, 'Bobby, please don't get involved. Stay out of it.' I said, 'What did you do?' And then he just took off."

Police found Hassan, injured and bleeding, at a neighborhood bodega. The young man was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and possession of a weapon, reports NBC New York.

In the last two years, the police had reportedly been called to the Razzaq home at least three times, reports PIX11.

"I warned his father a number of times to keep his hands off his family. Should the boy be charged, he should be punished but not too harshly. He was protecting his family. It was sad," Robert Micari said. "This has been coming."

Sources: NY Daily News, PIX11, NBC New York / Photo credit: Screenshot NBC New York


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