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'The Defendant Is A Monster': Man Convicted In Horrific Brooklyn Kidnapping Case

On Wednesday, a man was convicted of holding his ex-girlfriend hostage for three days in New York while he repeatedly raped and tortured her in the presence of her 2-year-old daughter.

The Daily Mail reports that 31-year-old Alex Anselmo became obsessive after he and his girlfriend split up in the spring of 2012. A year later, in April 2013, Anselmo forced his way into her Brooklyn apartment despite an active order of protection against him. He punched and handcuffed his ex to the bed before sexually abusing and sodomizing her up to four times a day for three days. He also allegedly beat her with a dumbbell and an extension cord, and he threatened her with a gun.

“I was very scared and did not want him to do anything worse to me and my daughter...I did what he said,” the 31-year-old woman said during a court testimony, according to New York Daily News.

Anselmo, who has fathered two of the woman's children, reportedly severed a tendon in her feet so that she could not escape. He also shaved her head, stuffed a sock in her mouth, beat her legs with a metal rod, and whipped her back with a power cord.

"The defendant is a monster. He mercilessly tortured a defenseless woman and would have probably killed her if he wasn't stopped," said Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson.

During those three days, the jealous ex refused to let the child leave the room she was in or provide her with "adequate food," court documents say.

The abuser used his cellphone to take pictures of the woman's wounds, which were recovered after he deleted them. He also performed an internet search to find out how to sterilize a woman and how many Xanax pills it takes to kill someone.

Eventually, a concerned neighbor heard a gun being cocked and called the police, who apprehended Anselmo and had the woman transported to a hospital for bruising and swelling all over her body.

Anselmo told authorities that he snapped after learning on Facebook that his ex-girlfriend had begun a new relationship with someone in Florida.

The court will sentence the defendant on Oct. 1. He faces a maximum sentence of 50 years to life for the kidnapping and rape charges.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Daily News
Photo Credit: Police Handout via Daily Mail


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