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Brooklyn Man Arrested After Kicking Stray Cat 20 Feet Into Air (Video)

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New York man Andre Robinson was arrested after a video of him brutally kicking a stray cat and sending it 20 feet through the air surfaced on Facebook.

In the video, the 21-year-old first lures the stray car over with an offer to pet it. Then, he pulls back his foot and kicks the creature into some bushes outside a Brooklyn housing complex. Robinson celebrates his attack by laughing and dancing at the end of the video.

Enraged animal lovers were able to help police track down Robinson, who they identified from the video. A veterinarian who watched the video said the cat likely suffered serious injuries from the kick. Though the cat was treated at an ASPCA hospital, no identification of his actual injuries has been made.

Though animal lovers hope to see Robinson put in prison, the young man’s lawyer has asked a judge to toss out the case. His lawyer argued that because the feline has no confirmed significant injuries, Robinson is not at fault.

“This really gets me agitated,” Margaret Lee, an activist who has attended each of Robinson’s court appearances, said. “The video clearly shows heartless and cruel behavior with the objective of being mean for the amusement of himself and his friends.”

Stephen Flamhaft, a defense lawyer who’s not involved in the case, said that the motion will likely be denied.

“How would you expect a cat to reveal injuries?” Flamhaft said.

Robinson faces up to a year in jail for overdriving, torturing and injuring animals, which is a misdemeanor that doesn’t require proof of significant wounds. A judge is expected to make a decision in January.

Sources: NY Daily News, DailyMail

Photo Source: NY Daily News


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