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Brooklyn Grandmother Evicted While Traveling Abroad (Photos)

Brooklyn Grandmother Evicted While Traveling Abroad (Photos) Promo Image

A Brooklyn grandmother in her 80s was shocked when she came home from an overseas trip and learned she had been evicted, leaving her homeless. 

Joy Noel had lived in the same apartment in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn for more than 20 years before the landlord unexpectedly forced her out, according to WPIX.

Over the summer, Noel informed her landlord she would be out of the country for a few months, getting medical treatment.

"They knew I was not going to be here," she told WPIX. 

While Noel was out of the country, her landlord started the eviction process. But Noel's name was misspelled on court documents and the paperwork was sent to the wrong address. Noel was never aware an eviction case had been filed against her and lost the case after she failed to show up in court. 

"You know how many people would love to have a tenant like me?" Noel asked. "Fixing my apartment and paying my rent on time." 

There is still some confusion about what Noel's landlord's justification was for evicting her. 

Noel and the Flatbush Tenant Coalition told local news website Bklyner she was evicted through a holdover case, a method of evicting tenants for reasons other than unpaid rent. 

But during a protest in the lobby of Noel's former apartment building, Jacob Freidman, management operations director for the building, appeared and claimed Noel owed $75,000 in unpaid rent. 

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Bklyner reports that when Freidman was told Noel was evicted through a holdover case, he claimed he could not definitively state the reason for eviction as he was not directly involved in the eviction process. 

During the protest in the building's lobby, other tenants in the building alleged Carnegie Management, which manages the building, has made offers to buy them out. To make matters worse, the building's gas has been shut off since February. 

"They're not only trying to make money, they're jeopardizing the lives of tenants," Noel said during the protest. 

During his appearance at the protest, Freidman admitted the gas has been off since February but did not give a reason. 

New York state Sen. Jesse Hamilton attended the protest and spoke against landlords using harassment and intimidation to evict senior citizens. 

"Carnegie Management, we're watching you, we're coming after you," he said, according to Bklyner. "You will no longer come after our seniors -- shame on you Carnegie Management!"

Noel is currently staying with friends and attempting to retrieve her possessions, which were put in storage when she was evicted. An online fundraiser on Razoo to help her stop the items from being auctioned off had raised more than $1,900 by Nov. 14. 

Sources: WPIX, Bklyner, Razoo / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: WPIXPaul Stremple/Bklyner

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