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Brooklyn Dad Allegedly Beat One-Year-Old To Death, Fed Her To Pit Bull

One-year-old Serenity Brown went missing in 2006, and authorities believe her father might have beaten her to death, cut up her body and fed it to a pit bill, according to police sources.

New York City social workers did not discover Serenity was missing until 2011. NYPD opened a case after her mother, Paula Johnson, told them of a violent incident she witnessed in their Brooklyn apartment in July 2006.

Johnson says Edward “Chuck” Brown flew into a rage because Serenity was laughing, law enforcement sources told the New York Daily News.

Brown allegedly punched Serenity in the chest and she was left nonresponsive.

Johnson claims Brown took the baby's limp body from her arms, carried her to the bathtub and filled it with water. He allegedly turn up the radio and proceeded to cut up the body in the tub.

Johnson told investigators the remains were fed to a pit bull, a source said.

Some of her relatives told the Daily New they have long wondered what became of the infant.

An anonymous caller in 2013 said the crime was covered up when Brown executed the dog.

No arrests have been made.

Sources: New York Daily News, Newshour24


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