Brookline, Mass. Tries to Ban "Horrific Loyalty Oath" Pledge of Allegiance


The battle against the Pledge of Allegiance rages on, with one group near Boston trying to it banned in schools.

The New York Daily News reports that the Brookline Political Action for Peace doesn’t want students in that city to say the Pledge anymore. The group’s co-chairman, Marty Rosenthal, said the Pledge has no educational value and is “literally and psychologically a loyalty oath, reminiscent of McCarthyism or some horrific totalitarian regimes.”

Students in Brookline say the Pledge once a week and they are allowed to opt-out if they don’t want to participate. But Rosenthal said that is not enough.

“The Pledge is at odd with America’s most important traditions,” he told the Boston Herald.

“This is just really stupid,” said resident Jack Steele. “I just find it so disrespectful when I look at the number of men who have given their lives so we could live the way we want.” Steele speaks from experience – his son was killed in Afghanistan last month.

Rosenthal is a long-time opponent of the Pledge – in the 1980s he successfully lobbied to get it banned from town meetings.

An apparent Pledge-free meeting will be held in November to settle the matter.


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