15-Year-Old Girl Wants Government To Pay For Her Gastric Band Surgery

A 15-year-old English girl who weighs 248 pounds is hoping to get a gastric band funded by the government. Brooke Taylor has been overweight since she was six years old.

The teenager told This Morning, an English television show, that she became obese by eating unhealthy foods. She said, “I think when I was about six or seven, I was putting it on and not burning it off. I'd eat chips, pizza, not healthy stuff.”

She claims to have adopted a healthier lifestyle that involves eating less junk food, but Taylor still struggles with her weight. She does not see an end to that in the near future without surgical help.

She explained, “I've spent all of my teenage years [overweight] it's probably going to go on until I'm 20. This is holding me back from living a normal life. People judge your appearance before they get to know you."

A gastric band is installed in order to reduce to size of the patient’s stomach, thereby reducing the amount he or she can eat. Brooke knows that she will have to continue to work even with the surgery.

Pat Taylor, Brooke’s grandmother, explained that her obesity affects her life in all phases, even when they are at home alone.

She said, “We can be fine, very happy, then she'll get a remark from social media or her phone and the whole house can be flipped upside down. She'll be upset, go off to her room."

Tam Fry, who works at the National Obesity Forum, told This Morning that he thinks Brooke should have the gastric band surgery. He explained, “You get to such a size- I think what she's wanting is to have an operation which will be the game-changer."

Host Phillip Schofield asked Fry whether the surgery was an easy way out and would not fix the eating habits and other problems.

Fry responded, saying that he felt the surgery was the last step in a long process. He explained how doctors analyze the situation, saying, “They demand that you should be a certain size before you have the surgery, my view is that we should be thinking very carefully about what we offer children.”

He continued, “I think she is of a size now where the surgery is appropriate, what she will find, is [she needs] to behave herself once she's had the operation. It's got to be a different eating style.”

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail / Photo Source: Mirror


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