After Recognizing Him in Cops’ Surveillance Photos, Mom Takes Son to Station to be Arrested

A Bronx teenager is facing felony assault charges for spraying a city bus driver in the face with a mystery substance.

Surveillance cameras captured images of the May 3 attack in which the teenager, Carlos Taveras, allegedly ran up to the driver’s side window of an idling BX12 bus and sprayed a substance directly into the driver’s face.

When 34th Precinct officers began posting surveillance images of the suspect around the town, Taveras’ mother’s friends recognized him in the photos and notified his mother.

When confronted by his mother, the 17-year-old admitted to spraying the bus driver.

She then promptly took him to the 34th Precinct station, where he was placed under arrest. Neither the substance Taveras sprayed, nor his motive for attacking the driver was revealed.

The attack happened at 4 a.m. on the corner of Isham St. and Sherman Ave. in Inwood.

The bus driver, an MTA employee, suffered some eye irritation after the incident, but was otherwise unharmed. He had been driving the BX12 bus route for 13 years.

Sources: NY Daily News, NY CBS Local, News Hour 24

Photo Sources: NY CBS Local, NYC Transit Forums


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