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Bronx Teen Casmine Aska Accused of Throwing 9-Year-Old Off Roof

A 9-year-old Bronx boy is on life-support after reportedly being pushed off the roof of his apartment building by his 17-year-old neighbor.

The young boy, Freddy Martin, is currently clinging to life in the hospital, but he is expected to live.

Casmine Aska, the teenager who allegedly pushed Martin, is said to have dragged the young boy up the stairs to the roof, picked him up, and then thrown him over the side of the building.

“I grabbed Freddy around the legs,” Aska said, according to The Daily News. “His feet were off the ground. I turned around. I slipped and Freddy fell. I did not call 911. I did not tell my mother. I did not check to see if Freddy was okay.”

As if what he did wasn’t already bad enough, Aska went on to say, “I did not hear the thud until I went into the apartment.”

The teenager’s lawyer is insisting that the incident was simply a tragic accident and attempted to distance Aska from his actions by pointing out that he was a church volunteer and a dedicated high school student.

Some facts about Aska’s past aren’t really helping her argument that he is a good kid and that this was all just some sort of accident. He has four prior arrests related to robbery, assault, harassment and menacing, law enforcement sources said. After his appearance in court, Aska was ordered held without bail.

Aska’s alleged victim, Martin, is in a medically induced coma with collapsed lungs and a broken leg, arm and ribs.

The boy’s father, Fred Martin, spent Sunday at his son’s side at New York Presbyterian-Columbia Medical Center. “My son is very strong — he will survive,” he said. “It is a miracle.”

Source: (The Daily News)


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