Bronx Teacher Fired For Asking 10-Year-Olds To Role-Play Her Boyfriend

A New York City substitute teacher was fired for allegedly asking fourth-grade students for dating advice.

Cassandre Fiering, 45, allegedly asked students at PS 189 in the Bronx to role-play as her ex-boyfriend, according to a school board report.

“Fiering told the students that she was dating two men who were in their thirties and she needed advice on which one to choose,” said documents obtained by the New York Daily News through a Freedom of Information Request.

Fiering, who also works as an actress, allegedly told kids to call her “Ms. Fire” and touched two students’ thighs and another kid’s shoulder.

“Fiering said that one of the men she was dating was a mechanic and that she wanted the students to be her 'munchkins' and to go 'toilet paper' the boyfriend's house,” the report says.

She had five students role-play a conversation between her and an ex, according to investigators. She also allegedly asked kids, ages 9 and 10, to dress up as “demons” to scare one of her lovers.

Fiering, who denied the allegations, says she was cooped up with the children for seven hours without a plan.

“The report is blatant lies,” she said. “We were talking about relationships, it was all theoretical. It was an all-day situation and I was in the room for seven hours without a lesson plan.”

She says investigators put words in her mouth.

“I’ve been slandered, the quotes were bogus,” she said. “This is the biggest bunch of crap I’ve heard in my life.”

Sources: New York Daily News, Nine MSN


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