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Bronx Principal Emmanuel Polanco Releases Rap Video Featuring Young Girls, Bottles of Champagne

At Junior High School 80 in the Bronx Emmanuel Polanco is known as Principal Polanco. However those that have seen the 30-year-old performing in his Internet rap videos probably know him by a different name: “El Siki.”

According to the NY Daily News, Polanco, who is one of the youngest principals in New York City, is coming under fire for the music videos, some of which show him partying with young women at fancy nightclubs and popping bottles of champagne.

In a Spanish-language music video for a song called “El Metele,” Polanco goes to a club, consumes alcohol, gyrates on the dance floor and takes a home a pretty blond woman who isn't wearing much.

“Come here, press against me. I’m giving up control, you go crazy,” he raps in Spanish. “Don’t stop, more, let’s make love.”

It’s not known when Polanco began making the videos, but students at the school have found out about them and many parents are not pleased.

“Someone has to hold this guy accountable,” said Cecilia Donovan who has a seventh-grader at the school. “It’s ridiculous what he’s doing there.” Although he has declined to comment on the matter, Polanco has to be aware that word about his videos has gotten out because kids sometimes chant “El Siki” when he walks down the halls at the school.  

Polanco has worked in the school system since 2003 and currently earns $127,115. A spokeswoman for the Education Department said that officials are looking into Polanco’s out-of-school identity. “We take parents’ concerns seriously and are following up on them,” said agency spokeswoman Connie Pankratz.

Source: (NY Daily News)


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