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Broken TD Bank ATM Machine Gives Homeless Man $37K

A broken ATM machine in Maine spit out $37,000 when a man requested $140.

South Portland police responded to a call at TD Bank at 5:30 a.m. Thursday, after a woman said she was waiting an unusually long time to use an ATM machine because the man ahead of her still wasn’t finished.

Police found the man stuffing cash into a shopping bag.

He was identified by WGME as a homeless man who police had asked to leave the premises earlier that same morning. He had been sleeping inside the bank’s ATM area.

A TD Bank spokesman said the incident was a “code error,” promising no customer accounts were affected.

The money was returned to the bank, which did not press charges.

The man’s identity was not released because he was not charged with a crime.

Banks are currently being warned about hackers targeting ATM machines.

"A recent Unlimited Operations attack netted over $40 million in fraud using only 12 debit card accounts," the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council said Wednesday.

"Another great reason to ditch debit cards and use only credit cards," Beth Givens, director of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse in San Diego, told the Los Angeles Times.

Sources: ABC News, WGME, Los Angeles Times


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