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Stanford Rapist's Parents' House Gets Egged

The home of the parents of Brock Turner, the Stanford rapist who was released after doing three months in prison for a six-month sentence, has been egged.

Turner, 21, whose treatment and sentencing by the justice system drew ire from the entire nation, has reportedly been staying with his parents in Bellbrook, Ohio. Turner was released Sept. 2 from San Joe's Main Jail South. According to the terms of his release, Turner was required to check in with his probation officer within 72 hours. If he did not, he could have been back in jail.

Turner was sentenced to a mere six months for raping an unconscious woman. Under California law, distinctions are made for sexual assault cases where the victim is conscious, and those punishments are generally harsher. Many are now advocating for this to be changed.

The Daily Mail spoke to Santa Clara Sheriff Laurie Smith, who was displeased by Turner's sentence. Smith said probation is "not a fair sentence for anyone convicted of a sexual assault felony."

TMZ reports that according to the Sugarcreek Township Police Department, Turner's parents' house was egged with at least one carton. TMZ obtained the incident report, which stated broken eggs and an egg carton were found on the sidewalk in front of the house.

TMZ also reports that Turner registered as a sex offender Sept. 6, which he was required to do within five days of his arrival in Ohio. The Daily Mail reports he was convicted of three separate felonies, one of which was sexually penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object.

This is not the first time Turner has experienced public outrage over his sentencing. Vibe reports that upon his arrival home after being released, he was faced with protestors carrying signs stating, among other things, "If I rape Brock, will I get 3 months?"

Protestors also carried signs reading, "No Sympathy For Rapists" and, "Castrate Rapists." Turner's parents, Dan and Carleen, are reportedly concerned about the protestors outside their home and have asked police for help assuring Turner's safety. According to TMZ, law enforcement may be reviewing social media for threats against Turner.

​Sources: Vibe, TMZ, Daily Mail / Photo credit:

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