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Reports: Brock Turner May Have Shared Photo Of Victim

Newly released court documents from the Stanford rape case reveal evidence police obtained from Brock Turner's cell phone shortly after his arrest. Police now believe that the attacker may have taken and shared a photo of his victim's breasts at the time of the assault.

ABC News reports that sex offender Brock Turner, the former Stanford student sentenced to six months in county jail for three felony convictions of sexual assault and attempted rape, may have shared the image though GroupMe, a messaging app.

Shortly after his arrest, a message appeared on the home screen of Turner’s phone that said, “Whos t** is that.” According to the Daily Mail, this led police to believe there may be a photo of the victim on his phone.

However, when police obtained a search warrant to investigate the phone, they were unable to find that message or any related pictures, says ABC news. Photos sent through GroupMe are not stored on a user’s cell phone and can be deleted by any member of the group, making them virtually untraceable. At this time, police say they do not know who deleted the message.

The victim, referred to in court documents as “Emily Doe,” was unconscious when Blake Bolton, one of two key witnesses in the case, arrived at the scene, NPR says. Bolton told police that he saw Turner standing over her, holding a cell phone in flashlight mode, reports ABC News. Police reports say that the victim was partially clothed when they arrived, according to The New York Times.

Turner’s cell phone records have come under scrutiny since the June 2 sentencing. ABC news reports that texts sent to and from Turner’s phone show evidence of illegal drinking and drug use by Turner and his friends during high school. Turner has repeatedly claimed that his arrival at Stanford marked his first encounter with the alcohol and party culture.

Sources: ABC News, Daily Mail, NPR, The New York Times Photo Credit: Stanford Department of Public Safety via The New York Times

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