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Broadneck High School Student Gives Teacher a Pot Brownie

A student at Broadneck High School in Arnold, Maryland, gave his teacher a brownie laced with marijuana on Monday. The 17-year-old student panicked when his teacher asked for a piece of his brownie and gave it to her without informing her of the contents.

That afternoon, the teacher was escorted to the school nurse after feeling ill and disoriented. The teacher realized it was a pot brownie after her symptoms became noticeable. Although she was transported to the hospital in an ambulance, she was released later.

The student was released to a guardian after being charged as a juvenile with controlled dangerous substance administer marijuana, CDS distribution, second-degree assault and reckless endangerment.

His 16-year-old girlfriend was also examined, and it was determined she also had part of the marijuana brownie after teachers noticed she was acting lethargic, although she did not require medical treatment.

On Oct. 1, Maryland decriminalized marijuana for adults. If someone is caught with less than 10 grams of marijuana, they are subject to a civil penalty. The earlier laws dictated being caught with any amount of marijuana could result in a $500 fine and/or 90 days in jail. Now, people can be penalized with a ticket that includes a $100 fine for the first offense.

Most places that have legalized marijuana for recreational use have age constraints on consuming the substance. 

Sources: WBALTV / Image via Dank Depot/Flickr


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