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Brittany Maynard's Bucket List Dream Comes True

Brittany Maynard has been in the headlines recently after making the decision to choose her own death instead of allowing her terminal brain cancer to slowly and painfully cause her suffering. She set her death for November, but before she ended her own life, she knew she had some things left to do, and now, Maynard has been able to cross the last thing off her bucket list.

Last week, Maynard was finally able to visit the Grand Canyon with her family, ultimately fulfilling the last thing on her bucket list.

“This week, my family and I traveled to the Grand Canyon, thanks to the kindness of Americans around the country who came forward to make my ‘bucket list’ dream come true,” Maynard wrote on her blog last week. “The Canyon was breathtakingly beautiful, and I was able to enjoy my time with the two things I love most: my family and nature.”

The trip to the Grand Canyon was not entirely smooth sailing, however. Maynard admitted that it took a lot out of her and that it was difficult for her physically. The day after her trip, Maynard says she suffered one of the worst seizures she’s had to date.

“Sadly, it is impossible to forget my cancer,” Maynard wrote. “The seizure was a harsh reminder that my symptoms continue to worsen as the tumor runs its course.”

The latest reports say that Maynard, 29, may actually not choose to die on November 1 as she had previously announced if she wakes up that day feeling any better. Many have criticized her decision to take her life into her own hands, but Maynard has become an outspoken advocate for death with dignity since learning of her diagnosis this year.

Maynard says she plans to peacefully die at home with her family by her side.

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