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Brittany Arnett Asks Facebook Friends for Support After Killing Her Baby

A woman who was charged with murdering her baby boy asked her Facebook friends for help and prayers before she was convicted.

Brittany Arnett, 20, posted multiple status updates on the site, grieving the loss of her baby and wondering why he died.

“This little boy is my world,” she wrote on January 30. “He is the reason I wake up every morning. And now that God took him to be with him my heart is broken and empty. I will never be the same. I ask myself repeatedly, ‘Why did this happen to me? Why did it have to be my precious little boy?’”

Hadley, 6 months old, died on January 28 after Arnett beat him.

Though she denied hurting him at first, she later admitted to slamming his face into the tray of his swing over the course of a few hours. She also said she grabbed him by the rib cage, yanked him from the swing, and let his head move back-and-forth. She also said the back of his head hit the tray.

Hadley’s cause of death was a separated spine, brain hemorrhaging, broken ribs and lacerations.

Arnett said she abused him because her boyfriend, who is not the baby’s biological father, left her at home with him and she was frustrated.

When Arnett’s boyfriend returned, he noticed the child was acting “abnormal,” had trouble focusing, and had blood in his mouth.

She said she was afraid to tell him what had happened because she feared getting in trouble.

Eventually, the couple took the baby to Citrus Memorial Hospital, 12 hours after the injuries were first sustained.

On the day her baby was taken to a funeral home, she posted a status saying, “Coming to the realization that my son isn’t going to come back. I won’t hear his cries.”

She also remarked that the funeral home would “make Hadley beautiful.”

Arnett was charged with first-degree murder and was not allowed to attend a memorial service for the baby. Family members declined to comment on the matter.

Her neighbors are disgusted by the mother’s actions.

“It is awful,” neighbor Dayna Peterson said. “It is terrible.”



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