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Britney Spears Shaken, Led Away After Man Rushes Stage (Video)

Britney Spears Shaken, Led Away After Man Rushes Stage (Video) Promo Image

Britney Spears had a huge scare on Aug. 9 when a man rushed on stage during her "Piece of Me" Las Vegas residency concert (video below).

The 35-year-old pop star had just returned for her first show back at Planet Hollywood after taking some time off in the summer, when toward the end of her set, 37-year-old Jesse Webb hopped on stage, reports People.

The video shows Spears, who had just finished performing her classic hit, "Crazy," asking the crowd, "Are you guys having fun?" and not noticing the man moving around behind her.

A moment later, she turned around and spotted the chaos.

"Is something OK?" Spears asked as her security guards surrounded her, according to People. "What's going on? What's wrong?"

A moment later, she asked, "He's got a gun?" as her mic was switched off and security escorted her backstage.

TMZ reported that her knee then buckled and she grabbed onto one of the security guards at this time.

The video shows her backup dancers swarming the dancing man and holding him down on the ground before security has a chance to reach him and escort him out. TMZ notes that he kicked or kneed at least one guard as they dragged him away.

During the altercation, fans can be heard chanting "We love you!" to the pop idol and "a*shole" to the man causing the disturbance. Once he is offstage, they chant "Britney! Britney!"

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"On Aug. 9, 2017, officers from the [Las Vegas Metro Police Department] arrested 37-year-old Jesse Webb for trespassing during a Britney Spears concert," police said in a statement. "Webb was asked to leave the concert by security prior to him jumping on stage and dancing. Webb was transported to the Clark County Detention Center."

Police say Webb was not armed.

Spears is set to perform again on Aug. 11 as part of her years-long residency, which is scheduled to conclude on Dec. 31, notes E! News. The show started in December 2013.

"As I prepare to say goodbye to Piece of Me, I had no idea how magical this experience would be," Spears told E! News in a statement. "Having my fans from around the world come see my show has been amazing. I love Las Vegas and will miss performing this show."

Her manager, Larry Rudolph, told The Las Vegas Review-Journal that they haven't decided her next move after this one but that she could stay in Vegas, tour or record a new album.

"Anything is possible," Rudolph said. "We have made zero decisions. We expect a lot of interest from all parties. Britney basically sells out every show, and she loves Las Vegas, she loves performing in Vegas, and Vegas is a possibility going forward."

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