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'It Was A Complete Shock': U.K. Woman Who Gave Birth On Toilet Had No Idea She Was Pregnant

A British woman who recently gave birth to a premature baby while she was sitting on the toilet in her mother’s home, says she had no idea she was pregnant and was shocked when she looked down and saw her tiny daughter, Ruby, in the toilet bowl. 

“I had started to get a bit of pain just beforehand but did not think anything of it. I looked down the toilet, there was Ruby,” Kirsty Parker is quoted as saying in the Mirror. 

Parker, who lives in Torrington, Devon, told the local paper, the North Devon Journal, that she had just given birth to her daughter, Amber, nine months earlier and couldn’t believe she had been pregnant again without knowing.

She said she had noticed she had gained a little a bit of weight and was feeling slightly moody, but she chalked up the moodiness to sleepless nights taking care of Amber. 

On Mar. 7 she was at her mother’s Torrington home and started feeling stomach cramps. 

"I just thought I was coming down with a stomach bug," Parker told the Journal.

She went to the bathroom and said she couldn’t believe it when she was hit with the familiar pains of labor. 

“It seemed to happen so quickly,” she said. “One minute I was fine, and the next minute I had given birth to a baby down the toilet.”

Parker said she called for her mother, Angie Parker, who rushed to the bathroom and helped get the tiny baby out of the toilet bowl. They called paramedics and were taken to a nearby hospital.

Kirsty Parker’s partner, Lee Wren, said he was no less shocked when Angie Parker called him on the phone and told him he had a new daughter. 

“I thought she was joking, it was a complete shock,” Wren said. 

That the child was born in a bathroom was likely no shock at all to the couple. It seems that part of the story has happened to Kirsty Parker twice before.

”Who needs to go to hospital to give birth?” the 25-year-old mother of three joked, revealing that her other two daughters were both born in the bathroom. 

“As all my previous births have been in a bathroom — that is obviously just where I like to have my children,” Parker is quoted as saying in the Mirror. 

“It all started seven years ago after I had my first child, Crystal, who was born eight weeks early on the bathroom floor,” she said. “That was a shock but I knew I was pregnant with her — and with Amber — but on neither occasion did I know I was in labor.”

She said that if she knew she had been pregnant this time around she would have done a few things differently. 

“I would not have had any coffee or egg mayonnaise. I am very good when I am pregnant and fortunately I am not a very big drinker anyway,” she said, according to the Mirror. “I did feel guilty about some of these things but both Lee and my mum said I shouldn’t as I had no idea I was pregnant.”

Ruby, who weighed just 3 pounds, 4 ounces when she was born, is still being taken care of in the special baby care unit of a nearby hospital and is said to be doing well. Doctors suspect she was born 10 weeks premature. 

Sources: MirrorNorth Devon Journal

Photo Credit: SWNS/Mirror, Nate Vack/Flickr


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