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British Woman Sentenced After Abandoning Children For Six-Week Vacation

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A pregnant British woman has been given a jail sentence after admitting to abandoning her six children in order to take a six-week vacation with a man she met online.

The mom, who has not been identified, reportedly told her 16-year-old son on January 1st of this year that she was leaving the house to do some shopping, but the woman was actually headed to Heathrow Airport to board a flight for Australia that was paid for by her online boyfriend. According to the NY Daily News, the teen was left to care for his five siblings before eventually calling his grandparents when the mother didn’t return home after several hours. The grandparents then notified police.

Authorities were able to reach the mother in Australia, who allegedly refused to return home until her vacation was over. The children were initially placed in emergency foster care after the mother refused to come home, but were later placed in the care of their grandparents. When the mother finally returned home, she was met by police and subsequently charged with willful abandonment.

On Thursday, after entering a guilty plea, the woman was sentenced to a six-month suspended jail term. During her sentencing, her attorney reportedly claimed that she was “a good mother but one who had been harmed by a prior abusive relationship.” Her five children had all made greeting cards for her describing how much they missed her, and the cards were presented during the hearing. The youngest of the children is 3-years-old.

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