British Woman Rochelle Harris Discovers Flesh-Eating Maggots in Her Ear (Video)


British woman Rochelle Harris never thought the scratching sounds and terrible headaches she felt after returning from a trip to Peru would be this horrifying.

When the intense pain and overall strangeness of the situation failed to fizzle out upon her return, she knew it was time to see a professional.

Harris reportedly “was flying back to her home country after visiting Peru on holiday earlier this year when she began to experience excruciating headaches, which then manifested into a piercing face pain, plus she could hear noises in her head and a strange liquid began to leak out of her ear,” reports Inquisitr. She saw a number of specialists, and was finally sent to an ENT, who apparently fell completely silent upon examination of Harris’ ear canal.

Though the ENT at first couldn’t bear to break the news to Harris, asking her if they could “speak to the registrar” before sharing any further information. Upon her “Doctors described discovering a 'writhing mass' of the creatures deep inside her ear,” writes Daily Mail.

Harris was horrified, knowing that this could be a very serious issue. “Doctors tried to get the maggots out but the more medics delved into her ear,” says the Daily Mail, “the more the larvae retreated into Rochelle's head.”

Upon undergoing surgical procedure, a number of large maggots were removed from Harris’ ear canal, where they had begun to burrow, and “were immediately sent to a lab for analysis,” reports the Daily Mail. Scientists found that a “New World Army Screw Worm Fly had laid eggs inside her ear.”

Harris said she “remembered walking through a swarm of flies when in Peru and a fly had got inside her ear. But once she had shooed it away she thought nothing more of it.” She also, probably to all of our surprise, she’s now much less squeamish about bugs than she was prior to the incident.

Sources: Daily Mail, Inquisitr


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