British Woman Helped Landlord Find Teen To Rape In Exchange For Rent

A British woman who fell behind on rent admitted to helping her landlord find a teenage girl for his relative to rape.

Muriel Coleman, 50, allegedly confided in a friend that she helped Hassan Akhtar repeatedly rape an underage teen between December 2012 and March 2013, according to prosecutor Sarah Mallett. Akhtar's family owns the flat in which Coleman lives.

The prosecution says Coleman did not to stop the attacks. In exchange she didn't have to pay rent.

Coleman admitted to two counts of assisting in the rape of a young woman. Akhtar, 37, has pleaded not guilty to four counts of rape and one count of attempted rape, claiming the sex was consensual.

Akhtar’s DNA was found on a sleeping bag and a camisole belonging to the underage victim.

The Durham Crown Court this week heard that Akhtar targeted a young woman in the Stanley area of County Durham while his family was away visiting relatives in Pakistan.

Mallet told the court that the young woman asked him to stop the alleged sexual assaults, but Akhtar told her to “shut up” or that “men liked it.”

“[The victim] went on to say she had punched and kicked the defendant because he wasn’t stopping and she felt frustrated by what was happening,” Mallett told the court.

Akhtar says that Coleman was having financial difficulties and asked him for a loan. When he said he was unable to give her the money immediately, Coleman became angry and is now trying to “fit him up” with rape charges.

Sources: Chronicle Live, Daily Mail


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