Mother, Son Find Surprise In KFC Chicken Meal

Krystal Henderson says she was horrified when she bought a KFC chicken meal for her stepson, only to have him bite in and find a blue rag inside the fried batter.

Henderson reportedly bought the meal as takeout and then brought it home, where her stepson, Oliver, took a bite. After realizing Oliver had bitten into a rag, Henderson immediately returned to the restaurant to complain.

“If it was bad chicken, they might have just had a bad batch or something,” Henderson said, “but the blue roll could have been used for anything; it could have bleach or disinfectant on it.”

Henderson added that someone could have wiped his or her hands on the rag or used it to clean the floor.

When Henderson arrived at the Killingworth location, she was simply told to call customer support.

“I had to keep ringing them and keep following it up,” Henderson said. “It felt like I had to do all the work when it was their mistake.”

Henderson, a full-time worker and mother, noted that she didn’t have the time to chase down contacts or reach customer support. She argued that she shouldn’t have had to either.

Both Henderson and her son have now sworn off KFC for life.

Following an investigation, KFC apologized and offered Henderson a free meal. The fast-food chain also released a statement suggesting that the rag was nothing more than a tissue roll used for hygiene purposes and that the company takes hygiene very seriously.

According to the statement, the Killingworth location staff have been retrained on KFC’s food preparation procedures.

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Sources: DailyMail, Iowa News Day


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