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British Woman Drops $15,000 On Clothing Because Wearing Same Dress Twice On Social Media Is 'Embarrassing'

A 23-year-old woman has spent £10,000 (over $15,000) on clothes because she says being seen on social media in the same outfit twice is “embarrassing.”

Rachael Adams of Essex, London, posts photos of her nights out with friends on Facebook and Instagram. But her new outfits are placed in back of her wardrobe the next day because she refuses to be seen in the same thing twice on social media, the Daily Mirror reports.

She has spent more than $15,000 over the past six years—accumulated from purchasing a new outfit at least twice a month.

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Adams blames social media, saying: “It would just be so embarrassing to be seen in the same dress again. I’m usually tagged in about 80 pictures after a night out, so it’s really obvious.”

She adds: “I notice if my friends or people on Facebook and Instagram do it and I wouldn't slag them off. But it is frowned upon.”

Adams, who works as a personal assistant, pays up to £70 ($110) for a new dress that she will only wear once.

Her expensive habit began at age 17, when she felt she needed to shop for a new outfit for every occasion.

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Adams cleans out her wardrobe three times a year, selling clothes on eBay, at boot sales and donating to charities.

“If I really love something, I might keep it but I wouldn't wear it again,” she says. “Most things I get rid of after a few months to make space for my new stuff.”

She is already preparing for the holiday season.

“I’ve worked out I’ll need to buy nine new outfits for girls’ nights as well as work parties and family get-togethers,” she explains. “For New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve, I’ll definitely be spending more. It’ll be about £500 ($782) in total on new clothes.”

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According to the Daily Mail, Adams has teamed up with Oxfam to encourage other women to donate the clothes they don’t wear anymore to its charity shops.

An Oxfam survey shows that thousands of women between ages 18 to 24 suffer from "Outfit Repetition Syndrome." Two thousand women were surveyed, with 46 percent saying they wouldn’t wear their favorite outfits to a party more than five times.

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“The days of the staple party dress are officially over,” a spokesperson for Oxfam said. “As social media usage increases, so does ORS.”

Sources: Daily MirrorDaily Mail / Photo Credit: PA Real Life Features


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